Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2006

Strike Racism

Document racist graffiti in the streets of Vienna so that Vienna's government and autorities must react.

The streets of Vienna are full of racist graffiti. Vienna's government is not interested to face and solve this problem. We want to show them how many of these graffiti are exsisting in the streets and public transport of Vienna in order to find a satisfying solution as soon as possible. Help us to collect these graffiti by posting them as a jpeg-file by mobile phone via mms or e-mail to [email protected] (please don't forget to put the exact adress in the „subject“ field).

You also can download the signing list in the download section and fax the filled in form to the sos mitmensch office or sign the petition to Vienna's mayor Michael Häupl on this website.

Strike racism signing lists, stickers and buttons are available in our sos mitmensch office.

The strike racism pictogram was designed by the Austrian artist Andrea Ressi for this campaign.

Andrea Ressi:
“Racism in public is unacceptable. That’s why I support this campaign. I decided to create a pictogram, because it is easy to understand for everyone. The motive “together against racist graffiti” is supposed to be a positive sign."

Contact: [email protected]
Tel.: 01/5249900
Fax: 01/5249900 - 9


Next day of action is friday, the 11th of August. Meeting place and time will be announced…
If you want to be part of it get in contact with us.

Does the police in Vienna care about this problem?
Obviously not, because statistics of the Constitutional Report 2005, published by the ministry of internal affairs in the beginning of July, documents only 35 racist graffiti in the last year throughout Austria, although the police is obliged to report these graffiti when finding them. You easily can find many more of them, when you walk through Vienna. Why does the police not act as demanded by law?

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